Project Based Learning – Hari Keusahawan


On 04/07/2019, received a notification from AllSchools that SJKC Lai Meng is having a Project Based Learning titled “Hari Keusahawan”. On 05/07/2019 at 8.20am – 10.50am, there will be a bazaar selling food, stationary, art & craft, games, drinks, desserts, and biscuits. This is to give students hands-on experience on buying and selling,

It was organised and prepared by students in Standard 5. Parents can support the event by attending and/or give more money to your kids to spend at the bazaar.

Some of the posters prepared by the students:-


Most of the items sold at the bazaar is food and drinks. I heard that this is the first time the school organised such event. This type of activity can let the student learn about business – from planning, purchase raw material, production, selling and profit. Hopefully, next time the school can encourage students to sell goods/ item made by them (no/ limit junk food).