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The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

What is "The Parenthood"? The Parenthood is one-stop parenting hub providing education and entertainment for family. The Parenthood provides a lot of things under one roof;- ...


Healthy Life


Oxelo Skate, Helmet & Protection Pad from Decathlon

I spend for total RM197 at Decathlon Old Klang Road for each kid inline skate equipment which consist of:- Oxelo Inline Skate - RM79. Buy...

Free Inline Skate Class


Digital Textbook – Flip Book SJKC 2021 华小2021课本与活动本电子翻书

Listed below are the digital textbook for SJKC for Primary 1 to Primary 6. I get these links from parents WhatsApp group. Especially helpful when:- ...

Sports Day 2019

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Why Children Like to Cry Instead of Talk ?

Baby cries a lot. It continues to 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old and she's turning 6 years old...

Clingy Child

  I bet many parents encountered this problem. Your baby/ child is so clingy and keep requesting to you to carry her. Some of the...

Sleeping Problem for Young Children

My elder daughter is going to be 6 years old soon, however, she have many excuses when going to be every night. Mommy, I...

What Medicines To Pack When Travelling With Kids?

For Kids Thermometer and Paracetamol if child suddenly gets fever (***Most Important) Yu Yee Oil for stomach pain & wind. Baby Balsam for cold/...

Child Refuse Go to School

When a child reach certain age, she need to go to school. Very often, she will cry and said "Mommy, don't go!". But, mommy...
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