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Under Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT), all students in public primary schools and secondary schools (SK, SMK, SJKC, SJKT) will receive school textbooks and workbooks every year. However, some of the older textbooks might not be well looked after by the previous students. If your child receives a book in very poor state, they can request for a replacement. Sometimes, they will get a replacement but there are times they may be turned down because there is no stock.



Why Parents Still Buy Their Own Textbooks

Loaned Textbook in Poor Condition: Some parents prefer to buy new textbook because the textbook on loan is in poor condition and there is no replacement.  The child will use new textbook at school. The loaned textbook will be kept at home and returned to school during the year end.

Lost Loaned Textbook: When the child needs to returned the loaned textbooks  during year end, they found some textbooks are missing. Thus, parents need to buy replacement textbook. 

Reduce School Bag Heavy Load: Some prefer to keep a set at home and another set in school’s locker. There are also some parents buy textbook so they can pull out relevant chapters to bring to school instead of bringing the whole book.


Where to Buy Malaysia Primary and Secondary School TextBook ?

DBP Niaga is an online sales portal to make it easier for customers to get products published by the Language and Library Association (DBP). This portal is operated by the Marketing and Distribution Division of DBP to meet the needs and demands of users who need quality reading material with an easier purchase method.

Koperasi Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (M) Berhad

Supplier, Distributor of Textbooks, KBSR/KBSM School Reference Books, Magazines, Journals, Souvenirs, Various DBP Scientific Publications and Private Publications.

Mehraj Books Online

Mehraj believe everyone is capable of educating themselves. Hence, education must be accessible to everyone unrestrained. Mehraj provides a platform and service to make buying books hassle free.

SBC Book Centre

G Media


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