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Minyak Berubat Kum Peng


I was introduced to “Minyak Berubat Kum Peng” by my husband who is from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. He called it “黑风油” and he has been using it since he was small (40years ago). At first, I rejected and hated it because I could not stand the smell. I feel that it smells like rubbish and wanted to vomit when I first use it.

When my aunt and relatives knew that my husband is from Bukit Mertajam, they requested us to buy 黑风油 for them because it is famous and good. Whenever we went back to his hometown, my relatives will requested us to buy this 黑风油 for them. However, I have to get my mother-in-law help to buy because only she knows which Chinese medicine shop is selling it.


Since my first child was born, she will cry day and night. I will always apply Yu Yee Oil (如意油). Yu Yee Oil is a herbal medicated ointment for skin application because it use traditionally to colic and bloating problems in babies especially for parents from KL.

However, my husband will always apply this 黑风油. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also mentioned about the effectiveness of this 黑风油 to remove wind and bloated problem. After several times using it, I began to get used to it and didn’t feel that bad smell anymore.

Slowly, I began to change and use this 黑风油 after bathing her and when she cried at night. To use, just pour a little bit of 黑风油 on my palm and then rub my hand. The stronger I rub, the heat is hotter and my kids loved it when put my hand on their stomach.

Whenever they get mosquitoe or insect bites, I also will apply this 黑风油 for a few times a day. Usually the mark will dissapear after 3 days.

According to the box, Kum Peng Relief Liniment can be used for the relief of stop bleeding, swollen, wounds, minor burns and cuts, itches skin, toothache, mosquitoes and insects bite, earache, rheumatism, bruises and stomachache. Apply the effective parts and rub 3-4 times daily until relief.