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Li Chun 2021 (立春2021)


3 Feb 2021 10.58pm is the official beginning of spring (立春). However, the good luck day (开运日) for the beginning of spring is 4th February 2021. This is because the official time of spring begins at night (when there is no sunlight), we need to wait until the next morning to usher in the first sunlight.

Traditional Chinese calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms. Li Chun (立春) is the first solar term. It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 315° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 330°.

Li Chun (立春) usually begins around February 4 and ends around February 18. According to Chinese astrology and Feng Shui if you are born BEFORE Lichun time you are considered the zodiac animal of the previous Chinese lunar year AND those born AFTER Lichun time you are considered the zodiac animal of the current Chinese lunar year.

A year without Li Chun is called 無春年 (no spring year)/ 寡婦年 (widow year) / 盲年 (blind year). Marriage is believed to be unlucky and omen of bad luck in a year without Lichun. A year with double Li Chun is called 双春年 (double spring year) is believe to be auspicious year. Many people believe that is is a good year to start new ventures, marriage and childbirth.

Li Chun known as beginning of spring is the start of a new Chinese solar year where we revitalize and look forward to a fresh beginning.


What to do on Li Chun Day ?

1. Early in the morning, place blankets & pillows under the sun to receive the fortune of spring.

2. Egg balancing is practiced during Li Chun whereby an egg is balanced upright on a flat surface. It is believed that it will bring good luck to those who succeeded in balancing an egg.

3. Wear new red clothes (and red undergarments) as it symbolise a new beginning of the year.

4. Remove shoes, step on the grass, and stand under the sunshine of the day. Open your arms and legs and deep breath 9 times as it will bring good luck, health and fortune.

5. Depositing money into your bank account during Li Chun symbolises steady income throughout the year. Based on own zodiac sign, choose auspicious timing throughout the day to deposit money into own bank account. (Preferred not online banking as money still flows out from another bank account).