My Child Go to Year 1 with Small Bag & Simple Stationeries


Because each student in SJKC Lai Meng is provided with 1 locker in each classroom, I just let my child go to school with a small bag and put limited items inside.

During the first week of school, teachers already informed students that no need to bring texbook for 3weeks. Teacher will informed them when to bring the books. This is because teacher still haven’t gave the locker key to the students and teach them how to open & close their locker.


The school bag have 2 compartments with zip to put her books, snack box,….etc. There are pockets at both sides of the bag to put water bottle. I noticed that some students still bring big bag with wheels which is quite heavy. Anyhow I still prefer my girl to bring small bag as she is quite petite.

I only let her bring 12pcs of color pencils from Faber-Castell which was used since she is in kindergarten 2years ago. Because I am not sure if she will take care of her belonging.

A very normal pencil box with 3-4 pieces of 2B pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a scissors and glue. They need to use scissors and glue quite often because sometimes teacher will request them to cut and paste their work. There is a notification from the school that no mechanical pencil are allowed.

Another thing some kids like to borrow from friends but never return. Some kids will lost their stationeries every now and then. I did receive notification from the school to remind parents to get their child to bring their own stationeries.

Because young children tend to forget or lost their things at school, so I just let her bring the minimal items. I told her that if she lost her things, she have to buy again using her own pocket money.

Important: Label everything with name (and class) if possible because at least got hope that it will find its way back to the owner. Else, it would be difficult because even if someone finds the lost item, the kids also can’t recognise if it is theirs or not.