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Bao Fu Ling for Burns


I accidentally “cooked” my pointer with hot frying oil while cooking for dinner. It was so hot and painful that I have to soaked my finger in ice water for about 10-15minutes. Then, I apply the Bao Fu Ling cream that my mother bought for me when she visited China last year. After applying the cream, it was cooling but I still feel pain and hot in my finger. I remember my mother told me that it is very good for burning.

On the next day, I noticed that my finger have white patch of burned skin but there is no bubble of water. Initially, I thought I need to poke my finger to let water come out. I continue to apply the cream but once a day.

Surprisingly, my pointer finger almost recover on the third day. However, it took about a week to fully recover but I am very impressed with this cream.

Definitely recommend every moms to have this at home. I noticed Caring pharmacy is selling Bao Fu Ling cream but not sure if it’s the same item. The labels mentioned that it can also be used for mosquitoes bites, eczema, itching or any skin diseases, skin hypersensitivity, shoulder and muscular pain and chronic skin diseases but I never tried it yet.





On the 2nd day, no bubbles but a white patch of burned skin.
Surprisingly, my finger almost recover on the third day.


Have you tried “Bao Fu Ling” cream ? Kindly share your experience.


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