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Felt Friends Sewing Kit


What is “Felt Friends Sewing Kit” ?

As an introduction to sewing for children because pre-punched felt pieces make it easy for young sewers. Kids will have loved sewing these lovely animals in colourful printed felt!


What I Get Out Of The Kit ?

This books includes:

  • Sewing Guide
    • Child Safe Plastic Needle
  • Self-adhesive embellishments and hanging accessory
  • Pre-punched felt pieces
  • Stuffing


Our completed Felt Friends

Because it’s a gift from our playdate friends, we sew it while waiting for food in a restaurant. Somehow, we cannot find the white colour self-adhesive embellishment. So, this is the finished goods without the white colour at the eye and flower on the head.




Have you play to “Felt Friends Sewing Kit” or something similar? Please share your experience.


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