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IQ Wisdom Puzzle (IQ 智慧拼图)


What is “IQ Wisdom Puzzle”?

IQ Wisdom Puzzle (IQ 智慧拼图) is a combination of puzzles and building blocks sold at Popular bookshop.


What I Get Out Of The Box ?

It looks like a book with hardcover. However, the puzzle block is inside the book (behind the cover). So, it is very easy to store and portable.

  • A graphical book
  • 30 pieces of simple geometric puzzle
  • 16 pages of creative manual – contains 87 kinds of numbers, English, animals, daily necessities and other graphics.


Some of our artwork

My 2year++ daughter likes to make magic wand with the puzzle blocks.


Have you play to “IQ Wisdom Puzzle (IQ 智慧拼图)” ? Can you share your artwork ?


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