Saturday, April 24, 2021


The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

What is "The Parenthood"? The Parenthood is one-stop parenting hub providing education and entertainment for family. The Parenthood provides a lot of things under one roof;- ...


Healthy Life


Oxelo Skate, Helmet & Protection Pad from Decathlon

I spend for total RM197 at Decathlon Old Klang Road for each kid inline skate equipment which consist of:- Oxelo Inline Skate - RM79. Buy...

Fitbit Flex 2

What is Fitbit Flex 2 ? Fitbit Flex 2™—a slim, swim-proof fitness wristband that transforms by hiding inside bangles, bands or pendants to automatically track...


Flip Book SJKC 2021 华小2021课本与活动本电子翻书

Listed below are the digital textbook for SJKC for Primary 1 to Primary 6. I get these links from parents WhatsApp group. Especially helpful when:- ...
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Why Children Like to Cry Instead of Talk ?

Baby cries a lot. It continues to 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old and she's turning 6 years old...

Clingy Child

  I bet many parents encountered this problem. Your baby/ child is so clingy and keep requesting to you to carry her. Some of the...

Child Refuse Go to School

When a child reach certain age, she need to go to school. Very often, she will cry and said "Mommy, don't go!". But, mommy...


It is very important to teach a child about sharing. However, sharing showed by a child is their own willing or by force? Another common...

Sleeping Problem for Young Children

My elder daughter is going to be 6 years old soon, however, she have many excuses when going to be every night. Mommy, I...