Children Play Stacking & Learn Balancing with Tower Up Mini

Tower Up Mini is a strategy game of counter balance for two or more players. The aim is to cause imbalance to your opponents until the tower topples over.

Tower Up is a stacking and balancing block games with:-

  • Smoother block surface for better sliding
  • Rounder edges and sides for easier handling
  • Suitable for young children and for carrying around
  • Stacking guide makes arranging and stacking easier
  • High quality wooden blocks improve durability
  • Suitable for ages 7 years old & above


What is in the box ?

  • 1 x set of wooden blocks
  • 1 x stacking guide


How to Play the Game ?

  1. Using the stacking guide provided, set up the tower block.
  2. First player starts by removing a block from any storey below the highest storey. Then, places it crosswise on top of the highest storey. (Tips: Tap block with finger tips gently so it slides out easily. Players may use both hands if other players agree on this rule.)
  3. Next player continues with Step2. Turn of play then alternates between players.
  4. Players must complete the top storey with three blocks before making a new storey.
  5. The player who causes the tower to be toppled over loses.


What I like about Tower Up Mini ?

Simple & Easy: It is a simple and easy games for small kids to play. It also promotes the use of hand eye coordination and fine motor control.

Fun: A fun game with lots of chaos and laughter.  This game is great for parent-child bonding, team building and social parties. We enjoy this game as each member tease and challenge one another to make the other topple the tower.

Educational: My kids enjoy stacking a tower of blocks as high as possible and then watch when it crash down. Kids can explore concepts like early math, geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect.

Block Play: Kids use their imagination and bring their ideas to life by creating, transforming, demolishing, and re-creating something unique. Examples are house, stairs, towers, bed, chair,  and domino tricks.


What I dislike about Tower Up Mini ?

Initially, I find that this toy is too bland as I prefer stacking blocks with bright and vibrant colour. Later on, I find that these simple wooden blocks are more durable and timeless. Wooden toys is biodegradable and don\’t contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.

For an upgrade on its look, we could even let the kids paint their blocks to make it livelier.


Where to buy Tower Up Mini ?

I bought it from bookshop but you may get it online.

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