Vtech Playtime Bus With Phonics

Vtech Playtime Bus with Phonics is an interactive talking bus that teaches:

  • Numbers (1-10)
  • Alphabets & Phonics (a-z)
  • Letters (A for apple, B for ball,…etc)
  • Musical (each alphabet have different music)
  • Shapes (chunky buttons on the top of the bus – square, triangle, star)
  • Sound effects (horn, brake and accelerator)
  • Quiz (find letters, numbers or shapes to enhance learning)
  • Destination (Hear song/ phrases when select school, zoo or train station)
  • Smiling passenger says funny phrases when pressed

Youtube Video

Watch the video explore the functions available in this bus.

Newest version from Vtech


What I like about Vtech Bus ?

Large & Solid: My eldest daughter likes to push the bus around the room and uses it in her pretend play.

Entertainment: My daughter likes to press the buttons and hear the music and sounds. It\’s really entertaining for a small toddler.

Battery Saving: This playtime bus only uses two AA batteries and it has two volume selection.


What I dislike about Vtech Bus ?

My daughters didn’t learn phonics and quiz from the bus. They are just interested in pressing the buttons, sing along with the music and pushing around like a car toy.

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