Fun Money Lessons with Saidina Kids PlayDay (Kids Version of Monopoly)

Saidina Kids Playday is a children board game. It is about buying your favourite playthings found in the playground and collecting money for playing it. 2 – 4 people can play this game and the richest player at the end of the game wins.

Saidina Kids Playday teaches:

  • Basic Maths (Counting 1, 2, 3, 4….)
  • Basic Addition & Subtraction
  • Usage of Money Notes (only RM1 & RM2 are used)
  • Spending and Saving Money (learn when to save and spend)
  • Moral Value (Surprise cards with privileges and penalties)
  • Vocabulary (names of plaything found in playground)
  • Colors (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green Cone Markers)

Even though this game is suitable for kids of 5 years old and above, I use this game to teach my 3years old girl about numbers, colors, counting and more.

What is in the box ?

  • 1 x playing board
  • 1 x set of money notes (60pieces of RM1 & 30pieces of RM2)
  • 1 x set of Surprise cards (16 cards)
  • 4 x game tokens + character stickers
  • 1 x dice
  • 8 x Rest Benches
  • 24 x Cone Markers (6 Blue, 6 Red, 6 Green & 6 Yellow)
  • 1 x instruction manual


How to Setup the Game ?

  • Place PLAYING BOARD on a flat surface.
  • Shuffle SURPRISE CARDS and put them face-down on the Surprise Card space of the playing board.
  • Put all REST BENCHES on the Rest Bench space of the playing board.
  • Each player select one character on the Game Token and place it on the start square on the playing board.
  • Each player takes their own color CONE MAKERS.
  • Each player takes 12 pieces RM1 and 6 pieces RM2. The remaining money is for BANK USE and kept separately from player money.


How to Play the Game ?

  1. Throw the dice and the one with the highest number starts first and then turn of play sequence in clockwise direction.
  2. First player throw the dice and moves his GAME TOKEN in the direction of the arrow. (Note: A dice roll of 6 gives a player another dice roll)
  3. His GAME TOKEN stays on the square until his next turn of play.
    If you stop at a

PLAYTHING: You can buy it for the price stated if not owned by other players. Play the money to the BANK and put your CONE MARKER on the square. If there is CONE MARKER on the square, then you have to pay the owner the price stated on the square.

SURPRISE: Open and read the top card from SURPRISE CARD deck. Player get privileges or penalties depending on the SURPRISE CARD that he draws.

REST BENCH: Collect a REST BENCH and attached to your CONE MARKER on chosen plaything square. Players who stopped at this square need to pay additional RM2. (Do Not Collect REST BENCH if you do not own plaything).

START: Collect RM3 from the bank when you stop or pass through the start square.

What I like about Saidina Kids Playday ?

Simple & Easy: My 4years old daughter learn how to count from playing this game. After she dice, she knows she knows how to count the number on the dice and then she knows how many steps to go forward. If she wants to buy a plaything, she knows how to count the money note denomination and pay.

Entertainment: My children love it as they easily identify these playthings found in a playground. They are excited to buy and own their favourite plaything in this game.

Bonding: It is a great indoor board game for family and friends to spend quality time together.

Improved EQ: Kids learn to be patience playing the long game. I also find that my kids can handle their emotions better when winning or losing the game. (Initially, they will throw tantrum or try cheating if need to pay when landed on someone else plaything)

Where to buy Saidina Kids Playday ?

I bought it from bookshop but you may get it online.

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