Inline Skate: One of the Best Sport for Children to Develops Balance and Coordination

Inline skate is a great sports for the whole family because it is so fun and the speed is exhilarating. Children as young as 4 years old can start skating and it helps to improve a child’s motor skill and enhance eye coordination too. 

I was looking for a sports shop that sells inline skates or roller blades for my kids and I found Decathlon Old Klang Road. Decathlon offers wide range of inline skates /roller blades cater to both adults and kids. And the great news is they even teach inline skate every Saturday morning. Also, they’ve organised few events on inline skate for kids.


How to choose Oxelo Inline Skate size

Follow Your Shoe Size. : My child is wearing shoe size no. 28 (EU). So, I choose inline skate size 28-30. Because each inline skate can be adjustable up to 3 sizes, the inline skate can grow them my child’s feet.


How to choose Oxelo Inline Skate Protector size

The measurements are given for guideline purposes only, and for use directly against the skin. If wearing clothes, the size of your knees and elbows will be larger.

  • XXS: kids aged 3 to 7, or less than 25 kg
  • XS: kids aged 6 to 10, or 20 to 35 kg
  • S: kids aged 9 to 15, or less than 50 kg


How to choose Oxelo Helmet size

There is an easy-to-use dial at the back of the neck for adjusting the helmet. The straps (dividers) have double buckles and can be repositioned to get a precise fit.

  • S : For a head size of 50 to 54cm
  • M For a head size of 55 to 58cm

I spend for total RM197 at Decathlon Old Klang Road for each kid inline skate equipment which consist of:-

  1. Oxelo Inline Skate – RM79. Buy here
  2. Oxelo Inline Skate Protectors – RM69. Buy here
  3. Oxelo Inline Skate Helmet – RM49. Buy here

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