Why I Love My Spectra M1 ?


Product Overview

Type – Electronic Breast Pump

Spectra M1 is a electric breast-pump.

Many advices that a manual breast-pump should best suit if pumping is occasionally, for the odd night out or for short periods when away from baby. And because manual breast-pump are small and lightweight, it can be easily pack in a nappy bag and carry around. Manual breast-pump usually is cheaper than electronic pump. Also a manual breast pump gives the mother complete control over the suction and speed of the pump.

However, I find that manual expression is very tiresome and are unable to collect enough milk for a feeding. I prefer an electric breast pump because I can rest, take a short nap or work with an electronic breast-pump because my hands are free. Also, it’ll be a big time-saver since it will express milk more quickly than a manual pump.


Ability to Use as a Double Pump

Spectra M1 is a single electric breast pump but has the ability to used as double breast pump with an additional T-connector and second shield set.

Can choose single/ double pumping Extra breast shield set for double pumping


When at work, I saved so much time with double pumping. With single pumping, I took 50minutes each pumping section (20minutes for each breast+10minutes preparation & cleaning). However, with double pumping, I took only 30 minutes each pumping section (20minutes both breast+10 minutes preparation & cleaning). This matters a lot when at work because I will be away from desk 50minutes with single pumping & 30minutes with double pumping. And I pump twice a day when at work – once in the morning & once in the afternoon. Many colleagues commented that it’s very difficult to find me most of the time.

When at home, I have the option to single pump when I want. Sometimes, I will breastfeed one side and pump another side. I just need to cover one side of the T-Connector, and it can be used as single pump. It saves time because I don’t have to allocate another time for pumping. Whenever my baby sees me pumping, she wants to be nursed too.


Inbuilt rechargeable battery

Spectra M1 can be used while plugged into mains or from its inbuilt rechargeable battery. With rechargeable battery, I can pump any where without needing to be close to electric plug. There is a battery indicator on the pump panel which is great because I will know how many remaining time I can use.

  • 3 LED Bar Battery Indicator on display means it can last 1hour 30minutes
  • 1 LED Bar Battery Indicator on Display means it can last 30 minute.

I’ve tried pumping until the breast-pump stopped because no more battery but the suction is as strong as if the battery is full. So, the suction strength does not vary based on battery power.



Spectra M1 is lovely and compact.  I can easy store and transport it to work, home and travelling in a small bag. With a full rechargeable battery that can last for 1.5hours, I can pump anyway without restriction because previously I tried pumped at home, office, parent’s house, hotels, surau and yes even toilet.


Letdown/ Massage mode

Spectra M1 comes with the letdown mode, which is a light, quick mode designed to speed the start of milk flow, just the way a baby does. This may not be an important feature for a new mum, but if you have an older baby or are going back to work, a letdown mode really helps.

Operation (In Brief): 
After press start button, press massage mode. Begin from level 1 and increase 
slowly up to comfort level. Once milk letdown, move to expression mode.


Speed & suction strength

Spectra M1 has 5 different settings for expression mode. There are + and – touch control button to adjust suction strength and cycle. As  the increase the suction, the speed will slow down. I’ve tried level 5 and the is no pain. However, I prefer to use level 3. It’s very personal and just adjust to own comfort level.

Operation (In Brief): 
When in expression mode, begin from level 1 and increase slowly up to comfort level for milk expression.


Closed system

Spectra M1 have a closed system. An open system doesn’t have a barrier between the pump mechanism and the milk collection system, while a closed system does. Milk particles in the pump motor can lead to the growth of mould and is a potential source of virus transmission and might damage the motor. This makes it a more hygienic pump, with longer durability of pump motor, and suitable of multiple user sharing.

In the S1, this barrier is a backflow protector in the pump flange. It is a small, flexible, white, rubber membrane that act as a physical barrier between milk and the pump motor to prevent milk from flowing to the pump.



Auto shut-off after 30 minutes

If the pump has run continuously for 30 minutes, it will automatically turned off. Sometimes, I spent my pumping time on the computer and would lose track of time. There are also times where pump in the midnight or early morning.


Minimum Parts to be Washed

Only 3 parts need to be washed: Shield, bottle and Valve. If I stored the milk directly after pump, only shield and valve need to be washed. This is very important as I usually pump in the office and I need things to be done as fast as possible.

Backflow protector and tubing do not need to be washed. However, if milk or water 
overflow into protector, stop the pump, remove liquid, wash and use a cloth to 
thoroughly dry before use. After using for a year, milk / water never overflow into the protector.


Breast flange size:

28 mm standard size (other sizes are available but sold separately: 24mm, 32mm). So for, no problem using the standard size.



Spectra M1 is an electronic breast-pump with simple design but powerful enough to drain breast efficiently. It is a great solution for the working mum or anyone wanting to pump on the go. Value for money, easy to set up, clean and use.


Have you tried Spectra M1 breast pump before? How was your experience?