Teachers Day at SJKC Lai Meng


Today is the first time my eldest daughter celebrated Teacher’s Day in her primary school.

The school start as normal at 7.20am and parents are allowed to go into the child’s classroom for decorations and preparation at 8.50am. The party start at 9.20am and ends at 11am. The food for the party was sponsored by parents. Then, the child continue to study and school ends at 12.50pm because today is Friday. Some child may continue school as they have extra co-curriculum activities.

Below are the decorations from my daughter’s class. There are so many cakes, biscuits, chocolates and drinks to eat. Mostly junk food. ;oP



I walked to other classroom and some class have other activities like dancing and playing games. I think it all depends on the arrangement by the parents from that class. My child’s class take turns to take photos with the class teacher and few parents of the class posted all the photos in the WhatsApp group for parents who cannot attend.

Nowadays, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in their respective classroom and parents are involved in sponsoring food, class decoration and activities. It looks more like children’s day than parent’s day. And parents is doing all the work and the children just enjoy.

I remembered when I was still in my schooling years, Teachers’ Day is celebrated by performance by the students such as singing, dancing, drama and etc. Students may give present such as flower/ card to their favourite teachers.