Sports Day 2019


On 19/07/2019, my daughter is having her first Sport Day at SJKC Lai Meng. Parents are allowed to watch and join in the event.

Previously, Sports Day was on Saturday and students who were not involved do not need to go to school. For this year, Sport Day is held on Friday and all students need to go to school.

These photos were shared by one of the parents. I find it interesting that each colour has their own mascot.
Red – Mario
Green – Dinosaur
Orange – Flintstone
Blue – Doraemon
Yellow – Chicken



What I would like to highlight is, for students in Primary 1 to Primary 3 who are not involved/ participate in any event during sports day, a group of parents had volunteered to help and organised telematch in the school hall during the sports day. This is the schedule that were planned:-

I send my girl to school with a small bag (only bring drinking bottle and snack box). I asked her to proceed to the school hall because she did not participate in any sports events. Because it was Friday, I went to fetch my girl at 12.50pm but the sports and hall program has not ended. At around 1.20pm, my child came out with a happy face and a trophy in her bag. She said she enjoyed playing the games and story telling in the hall. Really appreciate the effort by the volunteered parents.


These videos were shared by one of the parents.
1) Special story telling session for those students staying in hall.

2) Dancing session after the story telling session.


Actually, I prefer all students to join in the sports event to experience the atmosphere. Even though some children didn’t join the sports, they can be audience and watch the performance – marching, cheerleading, music band,….etc. After much thought, there are too many students (50students x 8clases x 6years), limited space in the field and parents also attended the event.