Sleeping Problem for Young Children


My elder daughter is going to be 6 years old soon, however, she have many excuses when going to be every night.

  • Mommy, I can’t sleep.
  • Mommy, I want to drink water.
  • Mommy, I want to pee.
  • Mommy, I want you to hug me.
  • Mommy, I want apply oil.
  • Mommy, I have stomach pain.


Getting Child to Sleep

My goal is to cool down my child from a super alert awake state by establish a repeated soothing routine so that she can falls down to sleep easier.

1. Day time eat more protein & night time eat more carbohydrate.
Drink more milk during daytime and eat more bread, rice at night. Avoid giving child protein food 1-2hours before bedtime. If  child is hungry, offer her carbohydrate food such as banana as it can help to make her feel sleepy.

2. No screen time before bed (TV, handphone, tablet…etc)
No television, handphone, tablet and etc at least 1 hour before sleeping.

3. Daytime “active”and nighttime “non-active activities”
Make sure she is tired enough by getting physical activities during the day. Avoid active activities/ games that will makes the children more awake 1-2hours before bedtime (especially dad who came back from work). Thus, having difficulties to cool down to sleep.

4. Storytime and/or soothing music
Reading and/or playing soothing music can makes child feel sleepy.

5. Create a Cosy Room
Set up the room with her favourite theme and use dimmed lights. When the child is older, get the child to help design the room, choose the bedding and pillows and etc.

6. Stay Calm
Don’t expect to bring child to calm down if you are not.

7. Talk with her
Ask her about her day and find out anything bothering her. Talk it out and calm her down.

8. Pretend Sleep
Sometimes I will pretend to be sleep. When my child see that ‘m sleeping, she will cool down and get to sleep to. Once my child is sleeping, I can leave to do my own things.

9. Daytime Nap
Sometimes, young children can’t sleep because they are too tired. It’s more difficult for them to calm down. That’s why daytime naps are very important. However, don’t insist child to take a nap if she has outgrown the need. And don’t let them sleep take a long nap. Adjust the duration of the nap time accordingly.

10. Touch
A soft piece of hankerchief/ blanket or her favourite teddy bear can be highly effective in settling her down.

11. Massage
Before bedtime, give the child a warm bath and massage. Then,  the child is easier to fall asleep and have better sleep patterns.

12. Reward/ praise system
Whenever the child sleeps whole night through, she gets a sticker/praise her for the good job done.