Sending and Fetching Child to School


When sending/ fetching child to/from SJKC Lai Meng, students have the choice to enter/exit the school through Gate A or Gate D.

Option 1: Front door entrance -> Drive Thru Gate A (Guardhouse)
Option 2: Back door entrance -> Drive Thru Gate D (lobby)
Option 3: Park car outside of school -> Walk to Gate A/ Gate D

My girl choose Gate D because it’s nearer to her classroom. I also prefer Gate D because more cars can stop at the stretch of road of Gate D at the same time.

I think because there are a lot of students born in the Year of Dragon (Year 1 student in 2019), the school have 10seconds drop-off culture. This is to ease the traffic jam when sending your child to school. There are a lot of cars parking at both sides of the road leading to the school. For the first 3months, I took around 30minutes to reach school when I departed from home at 6.45am. When I fetch my daughter after school, this same road only takes about 5minutes.

Note: Parents should inform their kids the pick-up point after school is Gate A or Gate D.