Preparation for Primary School


Before/ Once going to primary school,  your child should be equipped with these skills.

1. Hand Fine Motor Skill

The finger fine motor skill and using a pencil is the basic of writing. Daily activities to improve the hand fine motor skills:-

  • play dough (all fingers work together allowing small, coordinated movement)
  • use scissors (practise eye-hand coordination)
  • origami (practise eye-hand coordination)
  • chopstick
  • open bottle cap (improve movement, technique and energy)

Usually, children complaint tired after writing for a short time. This might be due to insufficient energy at their hand muscle. We always heard that small children should not use pencil too much because their muscle is not properly develop. Writing skills of a child will improve as they age and hand muscle develop. Children can start to use pencil at the age of 3. They can start to draw circle, cross, square, triangle, diamond…etc.

For Children 6 years old and above, they can mimic combination of shapes. Example draw a house by using a triangle for roof, square for building, rectangle for door. You don’t have to get the child to write everyday to practise hand motor skill. It can be done thru playing games or activities.

2. Time Management

Children should have concept of time. Did your child know how long each activity should take? Example is 10 minutes to clean up, 20minutes play cards, and 30 minutes to watch cartoon. When the child is able to understand short and long duration of time in her daily activities, she will have the concept of time.

Children should also be able to organise her time. When and how to teach child to organise her time? You may start by telling her to “do what she should do first” and “do what she wants to do later” when she come back from school. This is a very important sense of responsibility that a school-going children should have. For example, she should wash hand first, then eat snack. She should do homework first, then play. You should read books, then watch television. You can do what you wanted to do but you have to do what you need to do first.


3. Communication Skill

  • Can your child express what happened ? Example: Lily told her mommy that “This morning, Alan took my eraser without asking my permission”.
  • Can your child express her feelings? Example: Tom tell Kiki don’t play with me. I don’t like her do like this.
  • Can your child express her social skill? Example: Can I play with you? I know how to play football.

These skills are very important for a child to become a team player.



If your child is equipped with these 3 key abilities, she will lean easily as she has a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Also, she will adapt easily into a team. And she will become independent.