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Plaster Fun House, Empire Shopping Gallery


What is “Plaster Fun House”?

This is a place where people especially kids choose clay & coloured it. It brings me back old childhood memories –plaster design painting is very famous hobby when in lower secondary school.  Kids can learn and enjoy 3D painting, and adults can have light food and drink in this small and cozy shop.


Where is “Plaster Fun House”?

Plaster Fun House is located at Level 2 of Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya.


What is the Rates?

There is a wide range of plaster design at an affordable price – from RM10 onwards.

What I Like About This Place?

Once arrived, my child chose the clay that she wanted – a coin bank with cupcake design. We chose it because it is not only for display but useful as coin bank. My child loves to eat cupcake and the design is simple enough for a 4year old kid to paint. Then, the assistant informed us to be seated and she brought us the paints, brushes, palettes and container for water. She also bring two examples of cupcake painting for her to refer. Jing Yee began colouring – for about an hour and more. She is very focused and concentrated during the whole painting process.

While waiting for her to finish her painting, we ordered some drinks. My husband tried the coffee while I try the honey lemon. What a lovely day!

Back to my child’s painting, she doesn’t know anything about primary colours and mixing colors at this moment. She will just take whatever color available on the palettes. She likes colorful – like rainbow. However, after advice from adults (me) she altered the cupcake containers into stripes as per our instruction. My husband commented us that we shouldn’t interfere with her creativity. Let her color her own way.

After completing the colouring, the assistant then sprayed one layer of liquid on it before blow-drying it with hair dryer. The clays were then wrapped in a box and handed back to us. Before leaving, we made the payment for the clays and also the drink at the cashier. My child is very happy with her masterpiece and this is her 1st experience in clay painting.


Location          : Empire Shopping Gallery Level 2 #S-05 , Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Website           : http://www.plasterfunhouse.com/contact.php
Facebook        : https://www.facebook.com/plasterfunhousecafe/

Have you been to Plaster Fun House ? How is your experience there?