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Parents-Teacher Day 2019


On 24/6/2019, I received a notification from allschool apps that “Hari Ibu Bapa 2019” will be held on 28/09/2019. Schedule will be as below:-

8am – 10am: Taklimat Pelaksanaan pelaporan PBD at School Hall
10am – 10.30am: Rehat
10.30am – 12.30pm: Sesi Perjumpaan dengan Guru Kelas

Parents who is unable to attend the meeting have to write a letter  & the report card will be passed to the student. Sample letter is as below.

For meet the teacher session, there is only 2hours (120mins). Initially, parents from my child’s class suggested to book time slot to reduce the waiting time. However, some parents requested to change to first come, first serve (other class and previous years practise). I were also told that each parent have 3mins to discuss with the class teacher. Since there is 49students in my child class, 49students x 3mins = 147mins. There is not sufficient time for the teacher to meet all the parents in 2hours. But, some parents might not attend and requested for the report card to be passed to their child.

Due to work commitment, I am unable to attend the morning briefing. However, I received these photos from the other parents.


At 9.59am, there is already long queue (briefing not yet finished but parents already started to queue). Only class teacher will be in classroom, if we have other queries about other subject, we need to proceed to school hall as other subjects teachers will all be in hall.

When I reach the school, I go straight to my child classroom. Then, take number from the class teacher’s table and wait for my turn. As of 12.30pm, the class teacher only managed to meet parents with number 20. Because school finished at 12.50pm on Friday, the class teacher passed all report book to all parents around 1pm. Most parents leave after taking the report book and only few stayed to meet/ ask the teacher question.

This is the report book which we bought at school bookshop before school start. The first page is about the child’s and parents information, 2nd page is the “Pentafsiran Bilik Darjah Penggal 1”, 3rd page is the signature from teacher and parents.