Oral Aid Lotion for Dry Lips

Why use Oral Aid Lotion ?

My eldest daughter always have dry and chapped lips since baby. When she is still a baby (since 6months if not mistaken), the middle part of her upper lips tend to chap and peel off almost every 2weeks. Her paediatric doctor advice to use other types of teats. However, the problem still persist.

When she is a toddler, still it the middle part of her upper lips will always chap and she will peel it off herself as she can’t stand it. Now, it’s not so frequent and maybe one or twice a month. Many people advice her to drink more water but she already drink lots of water. Some people commented it she might be lack of certain vitamins. Her paediatric advice to apply vaseline/ lip balm and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Now, she is going to be 6 years old and her upper and lower part of her lips will get dry and cracked even if she drinks lots of water, apply lip balm once a day and eat vitamin C/ multivitamin everyday. Brought her to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and he said some people have it and it’s her body immune system response to certain issue in her body. Some people also commented that maybe it’s food allergy requested us to monitor her daily food intake to determine which food trigger it. Anyway, while we went to doctor for her flu and cough, her paediatric prescribe her with the “Oral Aid Lotion” for 5 days application and continue then with lip balm.



My 5 years old daughter have dry and chapped lips since small.


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