Medela Milk Collection Shells VS Breastpad?


For my first child, I used breastpad for about 4-5months after delivery. I feel very sad when I see a lot of breastmilk is wasted (especially during the first 3month) because when direct breastfeed another breast also leaks a lot of breastmilk.

When I have my 2nd child, I am better prepared and bought medela milk collection shells. And I have no regrets as every drops of breastmilk is priceless.



Milk Collection Shells and Breadpad are worn inside bra to collect leaking milk.

However, breastmilk from collection shells can be poured into storage bottle and consume by baby. It is easy to empty through the convenient spout.

Breastmilk collected by breastpad is not consumable and is thus wasted. Cotton breastpad is more suitable for home use and not so suitable for working mums.


  • Medela Milk Collection Shells (2pc) at RM99.
  • Disposable Breastpad (60pcs) around RM25 (price varies for different brand)
  • Cotton Breastpad (4pcs) around RM80 (price varies for different brand)

Milk collection shells can be reused over and over again. So, it is more cost saving in long term.

60pcs of disposable breastpad might only last for a week (2pcs each time x 4times a day). Just like you need to change your sanitary pad often to prevent leakage and proliferation of bacteria.

Cotton breastpad can be reused and is more breathable compared to disposable breastpad but breastmilk is wasted.



Medela milk collection shells has ventured fronts to allow air circulation. Its soft silicone backs is comfortable to be wear all day. Just to be careful not to bend your body as the milk milk falls out from the spout if it has collected some milk. Also, I will not wear it when sleeping/lying down.

Personally, I don’t like to wear breastpad as I feel it is not breathable and uncomfortable if wear for too long/ too many days. I only wear it when sleeping because collection shell is not possible.



During the day, I wear meddle milk collection shell. When sleeping, I wear disposable breastpad as it is more convenience.