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Kordel’s Chewable Vitamin C 250mg + Bioflavonoids



Kordel’s Kid’s Vitamin C 250mg + Bioflavonoids

This is the first over the counter Vitamin C that I bought for my 2 years old & 6 years old kid. Because they get sick (running nose/ stuffy nose/ cough/ fever) every month, they paediatric advices to give them Vitamin C to supports their health and immune system.


Why choose Kordel’s Kid’s Vitamin C 250mg ?

There are Vitamin C 30mg, 100mg and 250mg. However, I choose this product over the other is because it is 250mg. And for 250mg, this is the cheapest brand I can find. I hope this daily intake of 250mg will boost her their immune system. I am getting very tired of getting sleepless night due to taking care of my kids as they are unable to sleep well or have fever.

The recommended dosage are:
Children one to three years: Chew half to one tablet a day.
Children four to twelve years: Chew one to two tablets a day.
Chewable tablets to be taken after meals.


You may online purchase Kordel’s Chewable Vitamin C 250mg at Watson.