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Inline Skate Fun Race at Decathlon Old Klang Road


On 25th May 2019, my kids didn’t have inline skate class. Because Decathlon OKR is celebrating 1st Year anniversary celebrations, they are organising fun race at the front of their entrance. It was called  Oxelo Youngsters Gathering.


After breakfast, we reached Decathlon at 10am and was told to register our kids for the fun race. After registration, we were given a Decathlon bag for each registered kid. Inside the Decathlon bag, there is a bread, a cup of mineral water and an invitation to Oxelo Cup on 30th June 2019. We also noticed there are staffs from other Decathlon branches come to help out the event.

The racing track is ready and my girls are very excited to play. The racing track is in front of Decathlon and stretched to Mr. DIY front. But, the Oxelo Youngster Gathering started with talks on ‘Warm up & Stretching exercise‘ and Introduction & Basic skill for Inline Skate’. My girls are so excited and followed all the warm up, stretching exercise, types of brakes (A brake, V brake, O brake,….etc). In between, there are 5minutes breaks for the kids to drink water & eat bread.

Before the fun race begins, my 3 years daughter already tired and wanted to leave.  However, I tried my best to persuade her to  rest and tried the racing track as they won’t get this kind of opportunity very often. Since my eldest daughter only attended 7 times and youngest daughter attended 3 times inline skate class in Decathlon OKR, they are still not very good but it’s an experience that I think they won’t forget.

Maybe because we didn’t register early, my kids name were almost at the last of the line. Each kid can try to skate the track individually and followed by a Decatlon staff and they time they used to finished the track are recorded. This is not a race but just for them to enjoy.

At the end of the event, each participant were given a certificate of participation. And we will-attend the Oxelo Cup on 30th June 2019.