Hidrasec Children & Colimix Syrup for Diarrhoea

My 8years old girl was having mild fever for 2days. Other than Paracetamol for her fever, I also gave her Aerius 0.5mg as I noticed she had little blocked nose and probiotic so that she will recover faster. Her condition improved but suddenly on the third day night, she complained of terrible stomach pain, her temperature went to 38°C & had about 8 times of watery stool and lots of winds.

Because it was past 10pm on Sunday, all child clinic and pharmacy were closed except 24hours clinic. On the next morning, I bring her to our familiar child’s clinic and the Paediatric gave her some medicine.
1) Hidrasec Children for diarrhoea
2) Colimix Syrup for wind

For Hidrasec, mix 1packet with 20ml of water and consume 3times a day. For Colimix Syrup, 5ml/dose and consume 3times a day. After her first dose, she had one more diarrhoea and another on the second day. On the third day, she had her normal stool again and her fever subsided but she still complaint of stomach pain sometimes.

“After this episode, I know that I have to add these two medicines in our medicine cabinet for emergency use. In future, if my kids is having diarrhoea again in the late night, I can give them these two medicines.”

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