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HEXBIO® – Paediatric Trusted Brand for Gut Health


What is HEXBIO® ?

The uniquely formulated health supplement used to restore and maintain gut health.


Why choose HEXBIO® ?

Before starting solid food, my eldest daughter poop 3 – 5 times a day. After starting solid food, she has serious constipation. She only poop once every 3 – 5 days and her poop was hard. After a month, there is once her poop got stuck halfway out. It was so hard that it can’t get out even though I tried to help to massage & even put her in a warm bathtub. I am so worried when I see her crying and screaming because it is so painful.

I use laxative stimulant and she managed to poo half an hour later. I let her drink more water and eat lots of vegetables & fruits in her diet. However, the problem repeat again after few days.

Finally, I bring her paediatric as my 7months old baby constipation seems getting serious. Other than stool softener, her paediatric prescribed her HEXBIO® .


The second time her paediatric prescribe HEXBIO®  was when she  has diarrhoea. It was caused by the virus as she also has running nose.


I read that probiotic can improve immune system with “good bacteria”. It can help to maintain general health and wellbeing, reduces sick days and enhances recovery. When I saw Hexbio in a local pharmacy, I bought a box and keep in my kids’ medicine cabinet. Whenever she is down with running/ stuffy nose, cough or fever, I will let them take HEXBIO®.

1 box of HEXBIO® with 10 sachet cost RM25.


Recommended dosage for HEXBIO® 

Children: 1 sachet orally once daily before/ after meal.
Adults: 1 sachet orally twice daily before/ after meal.