Free Inline Skate Class


On 30/04/2019, we visited Decathlon located in Scott Garden, Old Klang Road. And we found out that they are having free inline skate class for children every Saturday from 10.30am – 12.00pm. They have a dedicated area to learn skating and there is one staff teaching the kids while we were there.

My kids watched with amazement and wanted to learn as well. We decided to let them learn skating too because we wanted them to exercise and do some sports as they keep on getting sick. Moreover, we just need to purchase the equipment and the classes are free.


To save money and not sure if my kids will persist to play the skate, we requested the staff to choose the equipments that fits both my 6years old & 3years old daughter so that they can share them. With the help of the friendly staff, we purchase the correct size of:-

  • Helmet (RM49)
  • Protection pads (RM69)
  • Skate shoes (RM69)
Helmet (Front)
Helmet (Back)
Skate (Front)
Skate Shoes (Side)
Protection Pads (For Knees, Ankles & Hands)
Bags for Protection Pads (Free)

My husband registered as a member and then proceed to make payment. Then, we registered our kids for the skating class and they allowed my elder daughter to join even though the class is going to end in 10mins. Because of rushing, we even forgot to removed the labels on the helmet and skate shoes.

The teacher teaches my daughter to

  • stand in V-Shape to keep her balance
  • to hold the bar and “March” in V-Shape

My daughter is so excited and is looking forward to join the class again next Saturday.