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Foam Clay Magnet Kit


What is Foam Clay Magnet Kit?


What I Get Out Of The Box ?

The Foam Clay Magnet Kit that my daughter choose consist of:-

  • 4 x Wooden Board  (Fish, Dolphin, Starfish and Turtle)
  • 6 x Foam Clay Colours
  • 4 x Magnet
  • 1 x Wooden Stick
  • 5 x Eyes


Our Artwork


What I like about “Foam Clay Magnet Kit” ?

Fun: Foam Clay is a lightweight clay with beady texture, easy to sculpt and air-dry.

Motor Skills: Kids and parents enjoy rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling Foam Clay into 3D shapes.

Quality Standard: Non toxic and safe for children 3 years old and above. Conforms to EN71.


What I dislike about “Foam Clay Magnet Kit” ?

The instructions are stated at the back of the cardboard. Although step3 requested to spread the foam clay with wooden stick, we find it easily to use our hands. And there is only 1 wooden stick but we have 4persons (dad, mum, 5years old & 2years old daughter) doing the art together.

However, I hope they provide glue to stick the eyes and magnet. And provide instruction regarding when to put the eyes and magnet.


What do you think about “Foam Clay Magnet Kit?