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Felt Friends Sewing Kit


What is “Felt Friends Sewing Kit” ?

As an introduction to sewing for children because pre-punched felt pieces make it easy for young sewers. Kids will have loved sewing these lovely animals in colourful printed felt!


What I Get Out Of The Kit ?

This books includes:

  • Sewing Guide
    • Child Safe Plastic Needle
  • Self-adhesive embellishments and hanging accessory
  • Pre-punched felt pieces
  • Stuffing


Our completed Felt Friends


What I like about Felt Friends Sewing Kit ?

Ease of use: Guide included.

Child safe: Plastic needles.

Life Skill: Sewing is an important life skill. It helps develop fine motor skills, improves focus and concentration and teaches the importance of patience and self-control.


What I dislike about Felt Friends Sewing Kit ?

My 6years old daughter still guidance on how to do double knot and how-to-sew. However, I just need to show her once.


What do you think about “Felt Friends Sewing Kit” ? 


Value for Money
Fun Factor
Skill Building
Product Quality