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Bao Fu Ling for Burns


What is Bao Fu Ling ?

Why I use Bao Fu Ling ?

I accidentally “cooked” my pointer with hot frying oil while cooking for dinner. It was so hot and painful that I have to soaked my finger in ice water for about 10-15minutes. Then, I apply the Bao Fu Ling cream that my mother bought for me when she visited China last year. After applying the cream, it was cooling but I still feel pain and hot in my finger. I remember my mother told me that it is very good for burning.

On the next day, I noticed that my finger have white patch of burned skin but there is no bubble of water. Initially, I thought I need to poke my finger to let water come out. I continue to apply the cream but once a day.

Surprisingly, my pointer finger almost recover on the third day. However, it took about a week to fully recover but I am very impressed with this cream.



On the 2nd day, no bubbles but a white patch of burned skin.
Surprisingly, my finger almost recover on the third day.


In The News/ Media

In 2019, public are advised to avoid buying and using two cosmetics products – the Bao Fu Ling Snow Lotus and Bao Fu Ling Skincare creams – which have been found to contain the scheduled poison diphenhydramine. Click here to read the news. 

The manufacturer distribute it’s product in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei through Kuala Lumpur based Bao Fu Ling Global Enterprise. And they made clarification on the poison found in their product in their Facebook. Click here to read the clarification.

“PRODUCT HAS NO ISSUE, ONLY THING IS we registered our product in the wrong category. Should not be in COSMETIC LICENSE BUT should be IN OTC License.”


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