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Art & Craft from Watercolor Class (SJKC Lai Meng)


JY chooses watercolour as one of the co-curricular activities during Year 1 in SJKC Lai Meng. I am not surprise as she loves to do art and craft. So, it’s only whether she will choose Watercolour or Crayon class.

The materials fee is RM80 for whole year and she will attend this Watercolor class every Tuesday. The art teacher will provide the drawing paper, brush, watercolour, palette,….etc. They are 4person in each group and they will share the utensils. The person in each group who finish last will need to wash everything. I like this method too as she will have less burden in her school bag and I don’t have to worry that she forgot to bring the utensils. She only need to attend the class.

Her painting is not good compared to what she produced in DaVinci Class. Maybe because of the material used and the DaVinci teacher ensure they leave no white space and perfect artwork. However, I understand and feels okay because this is her real drawing and painting.

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