Art & Craft from KidsAtWork


Actually, we passed by the KidzAtWork centre when we were having lunch and the teachers are decorating the walls with the artwork done by their students. So, we visited the place and fill up a form. Few days/ weeks later, I received a phone call about a free trial due to Mothers Day.

After the teacher assessed her level, she informed that JY is in level 3 which is her level for age5. She uses Little Da Vinci Programme Book3 which is a creative and unique kids programmes with paint & colour, craft mixed media, step-by-step drawing and more.

We waited outside the class for 2 hours and when she comes out with her artwork, we are impressed and shocked of what she just did. Just look at the “Let’s Draw a House” photo below and you will understand. And because JY likes art, we let her join the class.

Below are some of the art & craft that she did in the class.



The last lesson for Book3 is to do a Candy Stall. I loved the Candy  Stall too because whenever she gets candy from school/ grandparents/ whoever, she and her 3years old sister will put it in the mini Candy Stall. I don’t have to spend lot of time & effort to prevent them from eating candy….Ahahahaha!


After few months, she was reluctant to attend the art class and requested to stop the class because she said she is tired. She becomes very moody and easily agitated. As such, we withdraw her from the DaVinci class after joining for 10months.


Note: She can’t product this kind of high quality artwork at kindergarten and at home. Maybe because the teacher in the class keep reminding them not to leave white space and she spends a lot of time to. product a piece of artwork (2-3classes/4-6hours to get 1 artwork done).