6 Years Molars and Permanent Tooth Eruption Symptom & Pain Relief


My eldest daughter doesn’t show any discomfort during her 6 years molars and permanent tooth eruptions. However, for my youngest daughter, she has lots problems with her teeth and gums. Other than the normal tooth decay and filings, I  also experienced – teeth bleeding, waking up few times at night due to teeth/ gum pain, frantically searching for the nearest dental clinics that opens in the evening or at night.

Symptoms for 6-year molars & Permanent Tooth Eruption:

  • gum inflammation/ swollen
  • sleep disturbances
  • low-grade fever
  • trouble eating solid foods

Pain Relief for Easing Tooth Eruption Pain

  • Salt Water – Gargle with salt water every few hours
  • Gum massage – Rubbing child’s gum with wet gauze
  • Teething Gel – Use a teething gel such as Bonjela
  • Ibuprofen – Take Nurofen (taken after meal)
  • Ice water – Drinking ice water/ cold beverages might help reduce irritation


My child complained Bonjela gel is spicy and requested to make it go away


How to ease the pain of emerging molars

  • Soft and cool foods – may help minimize child’s pain while their tooth breaks through their gum
  • Popsicles and smoothies– make at home as healthier alternatives to store-bought options that are often loaded with sugar


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