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Sembo Block -SPA


What is Sembo Block ?

If I’m not mistaken, there have total 7 design but I chose SPA because it’s pink colour and my daughter will love it.


What I Get Out Of The Box ?

Once my 6years old daughter saw the toy, she opened it and assemble by herself. So, I’m not sure what’s inside but I guess it’s 72pcs of blocks as stated in the box.


Finished Product


What I like about Sembo Block ?

Ease of use: I went to cook dinner and my 6years old daughter finished assembling the SPA shop in less than 1hour. This is the first time she managed to assemble blocks by reading the instruction all by herself.  I am so proud of her as this is another milestone for her.


What I dislike about Sembo Block ?

It can only be used to assemble the specified item.


What do you think about “Sembo Block” ?

Value for Money
Fun Factor
Skill Building
Product Quality