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School Visiting Time


Being a first time parent with school going child, I find that I must be aware of this timing:

  • Visiting time to the school
  • Working hour of school admin/ clerk
  • Business hours of the bookshop
  • Cloth etiquette of visitor


This is the visiting time that the guard will let visitor go in the school. At the guardhouse (Gate A), I need to produce my IC for registeration and the guard will give me:-

  • A “Visitor Pass”
  • A visiting paper to be signed by the person you meet (teacher, clerk, bookshop, canteen….etc)


This is the working hours of the school clerk. When my daughter was accepted to study in this school, I personally submit the approval letter to the school. I went in at 1.30pm which is the visitor visiting hour but I have to wait for the clerk/ customer service counter to open at 2pm.


For Year 1 students, they still don’t know how to buy from the bookshop. There are 2 times I requested my daughter to buy from bookshop before school starts. I send her to school at 7am but she queue until 7.15am-7.20am to buy a few exercise books that were not available when I came to buy during 17/12/2018. She can’t buy after school too because the bookshop already closed. She can’t buy during recess time too because she won’t have enough time to eat.


Another thing that I have to be aware of is my clothing when visiting the school. No short pants/ skirts and sleeveless shirt.