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Orientation at SRJC Lai Meng


My eldest daughter will be going to Year 1 next year and 29/12/2018 (Saturday) is the Orientation Day. When we arrived at 8.50am, we just entered the school gate and followed the arrow which is leads us to upstairs from the gate.

Once upstairs, the assembly hall is on the right and the classrooms for Year One is one the right. We were told to send our child to respective classroom and parents will go the assembly hall. Since we already know her class when we submitted the confirmation of placement in Aug2018, we just need to look for the room. We were surprised to see lots of parents standing outside of the classroom. Then, I heard the teachers telling parents to head to the assembly hall as it’s already 9am.


There are total 8classes for Year 1 and about 50students in each class. They are few students who cried and clinging to their parents. However, my girl just waved goodbye and went inside her classroom. Teacher asked her to picked a seat and stay in the classroom while parents headed to the assembly hall.

In the assembly hall, many parents are already seated and listening to the speech from the Headmaster which started at 9am sharp. There is also speech from the 3 Assistant-Headmaster (in charge of Ko-Kuriculum, Tadbir & Kurikulum and Hal-Ehwal Murid) and President of PTA.


Because my youngest child who is only 2years old cannot sit still and keep quiet in the assembly hall, I have to bring her out. I walked around and found that the teachers are like a tour guide and bring the children around the school and showed them the canteen, library, toilet,…..etc.


At about 11am, I headed back to my daughter’s classroom to see how is she. And a teacher at the door told me to go upstairs to get textbook and submit documents. When I reached, there is a teacher who will distribute the textbooks at the end of the class. Parent have to fill up a form (no perolehan) of all the textbooks and pass back to this teacher.


There is another teacher at the front of the class which requested us to fill up student information form (another form, argh….), insurance form and payment (optional), and submit 2 copy of birth certificate and 1 copy of immunisation record.


After filling up the forms, submit documents and get textbook, we go to pick-up my girl from her classroom. It ended about 12.30pm. When I checked with the teacher if can put the textbook in the locker, she said bring it back home and wait for teacher’s instruction. What I like about this school is, every student have a dedicated locker to put their books. So, I have less worried as my tiny girl have less burden in her school bags.


Before we leave the school, we passed by the canteen and there are few places crowded with parents. When we passed by, then we noted that the school canteen offered catering service. If you sign up for the catering service, you kids will be given a card & there is a special lane to queue up to take the food during recess and no need to pay money (as you already pay upfront to the operator).


Parents can choose whether breakfast and/or lunch and pay the amount specified (amount is different every month). Because my daughter will finished school at 3pm on Mon-Thurs, I only take the lunch catering for Jan2019 and pay RM60. For breakfast, my daughter will bring from home. For Feb 2019, I will check with my daughter again if she prefer to buy herself or continue with the catering.


There are also several booths outside the canteen from transport operators. And there are few booths at Gate D from extra-curriculum operator. Every Tuesday & Thursday is extra-curriculum day and the class ends at 3pm. Your child can choose from  a list of activities such as clay, watercolour, crayon, harmonica, guitar, kaligrafi, sempoa & mental arithmetic, inquiry learning, pottery, ukulele, creative English, badminton, ping pong, diabolo, sport stacking, chess, gimrama, fencing, taekwando, wu shu, karate, …..etc. Each class has different material fees which parents have to pay directly to the operator/ teacher later on.


Source: SJKC Lai Meng