What To Buy from School Bookshop for Year 1


On 19/12/2018, I went to SJKC Lai Meng’s bookshop to buy books for my daughter as scheduled by the school.

When I reached the bookshop, I informed the young lady in the shop that I wanted to buy books for Year 1. She arranged a stacks of books and informed there is a optional book “Buku Bestari Kata KSSR”. After browsing through the book, it is picture dictionary like those that I used to have when I was in primary school. So, I decided to buy the book and it is RM12.90.


Then, the young lady write on a piece of paper with the list of books and informed total is RM50.60. (Note: After school re-open, when we cannot find some of the books requested by teacher, only I realised that those cancelled in the list means no stock available. I have to go back to buy after the school)

And when I asked if there is anything else that I need to buy because the letter that I received stated “Tag Nama Murid & Peralatan Sekolah” too. Then, she requested to go inside the shop (through another door) and asked the aunty.

A set of name tag consist of 4 pieces and we need to sew the name tag on their school uniform and sport uniform. Student of different year will have different colour of name tag and it will be used for 6years in primary school. The aunty requested to write student name (in Mandarin), class and parents handphone number. The name tag will be ready in 1 month time and she will passed directly to the student.

Same like the name tag, the school badge need to be sew to their uniform. A set of school badge consist of 4 pieces. How and where to sew the school badge and the name tag is stated in the “Student Record Book”.


The sport uniform and shorts cost RM21 each. However, optional to buy shorts from school bookshop (meaning can buy from outside). Because my daughter is in yellow team, I buy yellow and “s” size.