Disney Princess Alarm Clock


For the last two years in Kindergarten, the school starts at 8.30am but my eldest daughter always arrived sharp/ late to school. She is going to attend Year One in SJKC Lai Meng in January next year. In primary school, she needs to reach school by 7.20am.

I am getting worried because she usually refuse to sleep early at night and not willing to wake up early the next day. If she does, it will only last for few days and go back to normal. We tried using alarm clock but it doesn’t work because the clock volume too soft.

As such, my husband and I decided to buy her another alarm clock with these features:-

  • with her favourite Disney princesses
  • with loud ringing alarm



This alarm clock also comes with music (If I’m not mistaken – 12 different tone). If press the front of the clock, it light up and also serves as the snooze function.


We tried the alarm clock and she will wakes up when the alarm clock rings. We hope she can persist to wakes up everyday because she cannot be late when she is in primary school.