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Disney Frozen Watch


We are going to have a Christmas party with my eldest daughter playdate’s friends in Dec 2019.

One parent write all kids name on a piece of paper. Each parent will choose a number. If I have two kids, I have to choose 2 numbers. After all parents have chosen their lucky number, then the names of the kids of our number will be announced.

The mum for the kid’s that I’ve choosen, asked her daughter about what she wishes to received as Christmas gift. She recorded it secretly and WhatsApp to me. She wants a watch that can said :Good Morning”. I google online and unable to grand her wish of a talking watch but I will buy her a princess watch – Disney Frozen Watch. It’s from Quartz and comes with 1 year warranty.



My elder daughter will attend primary school – Year One in SJKC Lai Meng next year. My husband have promised to buy her a watch. We wanted her to learn to read the time and have better time management. So, we selected another Disney Elsa Watch with different design.


Because I have another going to be 3years old daughter, we decided to buy her a digital watch because she can’t read yet and can’t take good care of things. However, this watch malfunction after 1 week. Not sure if it is because my daughter keep pressing the buttons or its is not a good watch.