Tawaran Penempatan Kanak-Kanak Ke Tahun 1 Sesi Persekolahan Tahun 2019


On 01/08/2018, I heard that parents can check the status of placement of Year One. I login to the same website that I apply for school – Sistem Pendaftaran Dalam Talian KPM (SPATKTM) & was glad that JY was placed in SRJC Lai Meng which was my first choice. I clicked accept & print the acceptance letter.

Being my first child going to primary school, I searched for the school phone number and called to ask if there is anything else that I need to do after I accepted the offer online. I was told by the school clerk that I need to print out the “placement approval letter” to the school before 31/08/2019. I also bring along the original & photocopied birth certificate of my child.

When I submit the letter to the school, I was given :

  • A 4pages “Borang Maklumat Murid” to be filled up
  • A letter stating date to go bookshop (buy books, name tag and etc), date of orientation, documents to bring during orientation day.

I am not sure if other parents are aware that they need to personally went to submit the letter to the school after “acceptance online” as there is no further instruction/ information. I am just lucky that I called the school to ask.