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Oilatum Soap Bar for Eczema


Recently, both daughters are having skin problem. JY has itchy red rashes on both her handsĀ and some non itchy rashes on her legs. JS has rashes on both hands too but it’s not itchy. Paediatric said both of them have eczema. Eczema on JS is due to dust/ something that she touches. Eczema on JY is due to her body responding to certain triggers. I think it is mostly because there is a construction of 40storey condominium next to our apartment.

She advices to stop using liquid body wash and hand wash because these will strip off body oil. She requested to use normal soap bar instead. She prescribed the to use Oilatum soap bar. The nurse explain that to many oils are used to produce soap bar, and water are used to produce liquid wash. Paediatric also give some creams for them to apply and advices to continue use lotion to keep the skin moisture.

Hopefully, this will solve their skin rashes issues.





Have you triedĀ “Oilatum Soap Bar” ? Or how do you solve eczema. Kindly share your experience.


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