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LaQ Sweet Collection Cute House


What is LaQ Sweet Collection Cute House ?

LaQ is a simple but creative construction toy for creating objects of any possible shape from just 7types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 joint parts). It is available in the variety of colours:- Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Orange, Lime, Brown, White, Gray and Black.


What I Get Out Of The Box?

There are a lot of choices and my daughter chose LaQ Sweet Collection Cute House. It is suitable for her age 5years and more feminine.


LaQ Artwork

What I like about LaQ ?

Fun: LaQ pieces make a fun noise when putting the pieces together and breaking apart. A child will know that the pieces are firmly connected with “SNAP!” noise. Finished product can be easily broken apart and produces a “CLICK!” noise. The snapping & clicking noise will encourage the child to play

Strong: Once the blocks are connected together, it is very strong and very won’t break even if it falls on the floor.

Creative Play: Putting together these parts helps a child learn how to concentrate through creative play.

Unique: LaQ blocks can create spherical geometric shapes. Amazing designs can be created as a modelling materials for adults as well.


What I dislike about LaQ ?

Size: LaQ blocks are very small (about 2cm each) and very easily get lost and lose few pieces if my kids didn’t play properly.

Difficulty: Very difficult to build spherical items and need to follow the instructions very carefully. My 6years old daughter only able to make simple designs.


What do you think about “LaQ” ?