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Yorokobi, Sri Petaling


What is “Yorokobi Art Cafe”?

A café, art workshop and gallery.
The place is not really big because it is divided into two – a café & an art workshop/ gallery.

Where is “Yorokobi Art”?

Located at 1st Floor at Jalan Radin Bagus 8, Sri Petaling. To find the café, look for the huge and cute bunny and then take the lift to the 1st floor.
(It is very difficult to find parking during lunch hour at Sri Petaling. So, we parked at the nearby outdoor parking and pay RM5/entrance parking fee)


What is the Rates?

For the art section, they have promotion of buy 2 free 1 on the day that we visited. Coincidently, we have 3 kids (my kid’s playmate). So instead of paying RM85/ kid, we only need to pay RM57 for each kid.

What I Like About This Place?

Personally, I find that it is also a place for people to meet up with relaxed atmosphere, serving moderate food and drinks.

After lunch, we headed to the other side of the café – the art workshop. I like this place as it provides a comfortable place where art can be expressed with unlimited ideas. However, the art teacher was not around that day. So, we had to work out our fascinating artworks and creation by ourselves.

At first, we were given a pencil and eraser to draft our ideas. My child doesn’t allow me to help because she said she wanted to do it herself. She drew on the canvas which looks like scribbling to me. Then, we were given a pail of water with 5 different sizes of brushes, few tubes of colors, and a piece of paper for mixing colours. My child still insist painting on her own & doesn’t allowed me to touch it. I was quite disappointed at the beginning but then, I feel that I should to be happy because she is learning to be independent.

My child is very focus and concentrated with the painting. Because most of the original paints are very dark color such as dark red, dark blue, dark green,….etc. I decided to mix light pastel color for her. She doesn’t allow me to paint but I can mix the color for her. Her painting is abstract painting and it’s very colorful and the other kids started to like it too.

However, her final masterpiece doesn’t look nice/ colorful anymore after my advice. I requested her to fill-in the empty spaces, asked if wanted to try painting by using fingers and write her name at the side of the canvas. She used her hand/ fingers to scratch/ pull the entire canvas, drew smiley and some symbols which only she can understand. She feels very happy and satisfied with her own art piece and feels that it is very beautiful. Again, I learned that I should keep my mouth shut & she should be allowed to freely express her creation.


Location          : 12a-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 8, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Website           : http://www.yorokobiartcafe.com
Facebook        : https://www.facebook.com/yorokobiart/

Have you been to Yorokobi or any place similar to it? Can you tell me more about your experience there?


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