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Registration for Year One – Primary School


JY is going to attend Year One in Year 2019. And the registration is open from 01/03/2017 – 31/03/2017. SRJC Lai Meng is the nearest school. Understand from my sister-in-law that she register for her daughter using on-line. I called the school and was told that don’t register online but go to the school personnally to register.

On 01/03/2017, we went to SRJC Lai Meng in Bukit Jalil at 10am because I know that it is “not first come, first serve basis”. The placement will be decided by the Education Ministry. Previous years, I heard stories that some parents started to queue up a day earlier.

Upon reaching the school, there are a lot of parents already queuing up. The school allowed parents to go into the school compound in few batches. We waited at the school Gate A area where there are many chairs. We fill up a 2pages “Borang Pendaftaran Kemasukan Tahun Satu” and documents that we bring along are:-

  • Original & photocopy birth certificate.
  • Photocopy Child’s Immunization Record
  • Original & photocopy TNB bill (any utility bill will do)
  • Photocopy IC (me & my husband)
  • White window envelope 4½ x½
  • RM0.80 stamp

The whole process takes about 2hours and the original birth certificate was stamped with the school chop as a prove that we already submitted the form. And we will know the result by July/ Aug 2018.

In end March 2018 (1 year later), my husband received a call from the school that we need to register online and then re-submit the form to the school within 1 week. On 03/04/2018, I go to Sistem Pendaftaran Dalam Talian KPM (SPATKPM) to re-register for Year One. A day later, we went to submit to the school clerk.

Now, we have to wait another few months for the announcement on the placement. We expect to know the result by July/ August 2018.